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Hastelloy C-276 Fastener

How to maintain the screw

Screws used widely in machinery and equipment, for the performance of the mechanical equipment use also have close relations, suddenly get damaged in use process, if the screw and can cause severe damage to the equipment, lead to can't normal operation, so we in the process of using screw, best for both maintenance and maintenance, so as to the use of more secure.
flange bolts

Combination screw screw action

Combination screw, many purchasing personnel may not know what is called combination screw, is how the screw.The following is a brief introduction to what is called composite screws.Simply put, there are two combinations and three combinations of combined screws.The head has the round head, namely the pan head and the outer hexagonal head.Combination screw refers to the pan head screw or outer hexagon bolt with elastic flat pad screw composed of three components.
The role of the combined screw is also very simple, is to fasten the product objects.Because it is a spring pad to rub the teeth on the screw, there is no need to match the spring pad when using.And in use, the combined screw has a particularly large role, is the loosening effect.
Self-tapping screws

What is the conventional self-tapping screw production process?

First, screw production pr […]
stainless steel screws

Is the passivation of stainless steel screws important?

In the production process […]