Precautions for laying anchor bolts

During the construction process, often encountered is the secondary grouting of dead anchor bolts
when the foundation is irrigated, the reserved holes of the anchor bolts are left in advance on the foundation, and the anchor bolts are worn when the equipment is installed, and then Irrigation the anchor bolts with concrete or cement mortar.

Causes of corrosion of anchor bolts

Anchor bolts are mainly used for fixed installation of equipment. It plays a big role in the installation of the equipment.
The following are the reasons for the corrosion of the anchor bolts and the solutions to the installation problems. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Hex flange nut connection and strength test

Compared with hexagon nuts, hex flange nuts have the same anti-skid teeth at the bottom.
Except for the addition of nuts and workpieces, their dimensions and screw sizes are basically the same.
Surface contact is getting stronger compared to the combination of ordinary nuts and washers.
self tapping metal screws

Difference between round head screws and pan head screws

Pan-head screws and round-head screws are often difficult to distinguish because of their similar appearances.
U Bolts

Causes of U-bolt damage and methods to prevent fracture

After the U-bolt is loose, huge kinetic energy mv2 is generated.This huge kinetic energy directly affects the U-bolt and the equipment, causing the U-bolt to be damaged.
After the U-bolt is damaged, the equipment cannot work in a normal state, further causing the equipment damage.