Production Equipment

From raw materials to final product packaging equipment, STARWDH selects internationally advanced and fully automatic production equipment. The precision of production equipment is one of the guarantees for product quality stability. STARWDH has many years of experience in the fastener industry.
Let us fully know that “details determine success or failure”, we always pay attention to any details of each process in the production process, so that we can predict in advance to ensure the perfect product quality. A sound production management system and excellent technical production workers are another advantage of our quality assurance. These are the guarantees that we can provide faster products and perfect quality.

Testing Equipment

STARWDH have a strict quality control system, from raw materials to packaging. Ensure the quality of each production process to achieve the quality of our final products.
We have almost complete fastener product testing equipment and a complete quality control system. From raw materials - in the production process - packaging, we conduct comprehensive testing and measurement of the products to meet the customer's demand for products.