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Advantages and anti-loose methods of jam nut

Jam nut are nuts that are screwed together with bolts or screws to play a role of fastening. All production machinery must be an original part. jam nut are parts that tightly connect mechanical equipment.
Threads, locking nuts and screws of the same specification can be connected together. The advantages and methods of locking nuts are introduced in detail below.
Round Head Bolt

Anchor bolt maintenance knowledge

If you want to make good use of anchor bolts, then we must first learn about the maintenance of anchor bolts.
Friends who are not very knowledgeable about anchor bolt maintenance can come with me to understand it!
Stainless steel screws,

What are the characteristics of self tapping screws

Self tapping screws are mostly used for the connection between thin metal plates.
When connecting, first make a threaded bottom hole for the connected piece, and then screw the self-tapping screw into the threaded bottom hole of the connected piece.
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Do you know about fastener materials?

Carbon steel has excellent processability, can meet a wide range of strength performance combinations, and has a lower cost compared to other fastener materials.
The mechanical properties of carbon steel are sensitive to carbon content, which is usually less than 1.0%.
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How much is the fatigue resistance of bolts improved after heat treatment?

Fatigue strength of high-strength bolts has always been an issue of concern. Data show that most of the failures of high-strength bolts are caused by fatigue failure
and there are almost no signs of bolts during fatigue failure, so major accidents are easy to occur when fatigue failure occurs.