Hastelloy C-22 Fastener

Bolting knowledge

Our daily use of internal and external hexagon bolts belong to the connection of ordinary bolts, it is completely according to the requirements of construction performance to choose bolts of different materials to install.For this type of common bolt, the minimum tension test of the bolt can be carried out before installation. As long as the bolt meets the current national standard, it can be safely used.After the installation of this common bolt, the thread at the end of the two rings should be exposed, which is the most reliable connection length and tension pretension state, suitable for industrial field of equipment installation and small electrical assembly.
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What’s the difference between screws and standard parts

The screw is the use of the object's beveled circular rotation and friction of physics and mathematical principles, step by step fastening tools.
Screw is the general term of fasteners, the daily language.Screw is generally said to be an indispensable industrial necessities in daily life: such as cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics and other use of small screws;General screws for TV, electrical products, Musical Instruments, furniture, etc.As for engineering, construction and bridge, large screws, screws and nuts are used.Transportation equipment, aircraft, trams, cars and so on for the size of the screw.

Blackening process and antirust method of hexagon bolt

Hexagon bolt is a common bolt fitting in fasteners and plays an important role in fixing parts.Today, the editors will discuss the blackening process and rust prevention methods of hexagonal bolts.I hope it's helpful to you.The details are as follows.
Hexagon bolts have excellent blackening effect, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strong black film bonding strength, and the surface of the processed workpiece has wear resistance, reduce friction, scratch resistance, bite resistance and fatigue resistance characteristics., corrosion resistance and self-lubricating properties.
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Application principle of expansion bolt installation

The installation of expansion bolts is one of the most complicated of all threaded fasteners, so why use expansion bolts?Application of expansion bolts, pipe support as well as a variety of equipment can be fixed to the wall or on the top, and this kind of installation mode, is other bolts cannot be achieved, because thread fasteners only is to wear in the past, then tighten the nut using it can achieve the effect of locking, and the wall to form internal thread cannot directly to wear, and the bolts can be directly embedded within the walls, exposed part can directly tighten can achieve the purpose of locking.
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How to choose the material of non-standard screw

Boron (B) : Enhances the quenchability and helps to produce the desired reaction of low carbon steels to heat treatment.
manganese (Mn) : improve the strength of steel, and to a certain extent, improve the quenchability.Manganese can also improve surface quality by increasing the strength of hardened infiltration during quenching, but too much manganese is bad for ductility and weldability.And it will affect the control of electroplating coating.