Hex bolt blackening process and rust prevention method

 Hex bolts are bolt fittings commonly found in fasteners and play a large role in the imprisonment of parts.
Today, the editor will talk about the blackening process and anti-rust method of the hexagonal bolts. I hope to help everyone. The details are as follows.
Socket Head Cap Screw

The difference between hexagon socket bolt and hexagon socket head bolt

Among the fasteners, the more common ones are hexagon bolts, and the hexagon bolts are hexagonal bolts and hexagon bolts.
So what is the difference between a hexagon socket bolt and a hexagon head bolt? Let's take a look at the difference between the hexagonal bolt and the hexagonal bolt with the editor. I hope I can help you.
Hex Flange Bolts

Common cleaning agent for flange bolts to remove oil

Flange bolts are the more common bolts in fasteners and can play a large role in many places.
Flange bolts often have oil stains during use. How do you clean the oil on the flange bolts? Today, Xiaobian talks about the commonly used cleaning agents for flange bolts to oil. I hope I can use it to help everyone.
Synthetic cleaners differ from standard alkaline cleaners in that they differ in chemical composition and are also an alkaline cleaner.
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The role and maintenance matters of double ended bolt

Double ended bolts, also known as double-headed screws, double ended studs. The double ended bolts are threaded in the middle, and the screws on both ends are thick and thin.
So what is the specific role of the double ended bolt? How to maintain the double ended bolt? Let's take a look at it together.
For the main body is a large-scale equipment, accessories that need to be installed, such as: sight glass, mechanical seal seat, reduction frame, etc.
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Allen bolt advantage and manufacturing method

Today, Allen bolts are a common part in fasteners and are used in a wide range of applications.
So what are the advantages of the allen bolt? What are the methods for making allen bolts? Let's take a look at the advantages and production methods of the allen bolts.
The screw head of the hexagon socket head screw is rounded, and the middle is a recessed hexagon.