Flange Head Bolt

Research on Bolt Friction and Anti-loosening

1.Reasons for loose thread
When the static load and working temperature change little, the tightening thread connection will not automatically loosen, and the connection is very reliable.
If the threaded connection is working in an environment with impact, vibration, variable load
Coach Bolt

Research on Intelligent Monitoring Method of Bolt Looseness Based on Image Processing

Bolt connection In the process of autonomous driving of drones, the working performance of different types of bolts is of great significance.
When the bolts of drones are interfered by the external environment, they will produce complex movements, which will seriously affect the safety of drones.
Hex bolt

Comparison and Analysis of Actual Measurement of Screw Coefficient of Threaded Fastener

When the torque coefficient method is used to tighten high-strength bolts, the average value of the torque coefficient and the standard deviation of the torque coefficient have a great influence on the tightening effect.
Introduction to the production process of pan head tapping screws

Introduction to the production process of pan head tapping screws

Pan head self-tapping screws have good fastening properties and are not easy to corrode.
They are widely used in construction, factory and furniture industries. Today, Xiaobian talks about the production process of the Pantou self-tapping screws, and I hope to help everyone.
Heavy Hex Nut

Process and characteristics of heavy hex nuts

Heavy duty hex nuts are screw caps that are bolted or screwed together to secure the part. So what is the process of heavy hex nuts?
What are the characteristics of heavy hex nuts? Let me talk about the craftsmanship and characteristics of the heavy-duty hex nuts. I hope to help everyone.