The difference between hex bolt and socket hex bolt

Among fasteners, hex bolts are the most common, and hex bolts are hex bolts and hex bolts.So, what is the difference between hex socket bolt and hex head bolt?Let's use the editor to look at the difference between hex bolts and hex bolts.I hope it can help you. According to the shape of the bolt head, hex head bolts are divided into hex head bolts and hex head bolts, which have nothing to do with the material of the bolt and the bearing capacity of the bolt.

Types and advantages of hex locknut washers

Hexagon nut is one of the most common fasteners we see.Hexagon nuts look common, but a wide variety of classification, it is divided into 1 type, 2 type, thin, positive and negative teeth and other standards.There are also grades 4, 8, 10 and 12. It is also classified as type A, type B and type C nuts according to the precision of manufacture.Generally speaking, type A nuts and type B nuts are used in demanding environments, while type C nuts belong to A rough industry, generally grade 4 nuts, no heat treatment, the surface is natural.
Thread Rod

Application and processing of double – headed stud

When the thickness of the connecting body is large and the length of the stud is very long, the double-headed stud will be used.
In the actual work, the external load has vibration, change, material high temperature creep and so on will cause the reduction of friction force, the positive pressure in the thread pair disappears in a moment, the friction force is zero, so that the thread connection is loose, such as the repeated action, the thread connection will relax and fail.Therefore, it is necessary to prevent loose, otherwise it will affect the normal work and cause accidents.
What are the performance characteristics of self - tapping screws?

What is the difference between bolt aging, high strength bolt and normal bolt?

If the aging period of the bolt is up, but the internal stress still exists, then the bolt will fracture in the use process.The raw material itself which is prone to internal stress is also unqualified. Because of its uneven distribution of carbon content, the surface of the material will be uneven or even bent and deformed. The finish of the bolts produced by such materials also needs to be paid attention to, and many tolerances may not be guaranteed.
Stainless steel screw

What is the reason for the fracture of stainless steel screws?

the fatigue strength of the screw screw material is not qualified, heat treatment is not qualified, the product manufacturing process is not qualified, the stainless steel screw is not reasonable, the use of the environment is bad and so on have a direct impact.In the case of these prerequisites are standard, the majority of stainless steel screw fracture is because of loosening and fracture.