Jam Nutfine thread nut

How to use the thin nut

When thin nut is used, it is not used alone, but with another standard nut, which can play a role in preventing loose.When two thick and thin nuts cooperate, there are certain operating specifications.We can also see from the above table that the thin nut should be placed in the front, that is, the thin nut should be screwed in first, and then the standard nut should be screwed in the back. Only when the position is placed correctly, the anti-loosening effect will be better.But in many cases, the installation operation process will not pay attention to this matter, often put the wrong position, so many enterprises in the procurement, direct use of two the same standard nut to install, although this will increase the procurement cost, but also effectively prevent the wrong installation situation.

How to know the screw size accurately

If the varieties and specifications of screws purchased are not many, it is most convenient for you to bring the sample or mail it to the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can confirm for you.Do the screw to see you in kind is generally a standard part of the screw, they will see clearly.I will confirm with you the specific screw specifications.
If there is no specific product style, ask the factory's technology to provide you with the purchase list of screws.Specific standard specification model and purchase quantity.If the product specification variety can, make a list.Then give it to the supplier.
self drilling screw

Installation method and function of hexagonal head self – tapping screws

What is the method of installing hexagonal head tapping screws?Where can I use hexagon head screws?Let's take a look at the installation method and function of hexagonal self-tapping screw.I hope it's helpful to you.
Method for installation of hexagonal head self - tapping screws
1. According to the shape of the groove of the hexagonal self-tapping screw, use a manual screwdriver to select the appropriate screwdriver.Align the opening of the screwdriver to the shape of the screw groove.You need to connect and tighten the screws.Squeeze the screw directly and turn the screwdriver clockwise.Gradually rotate the hexagonal tapping screw into the workpiece until the entire thread is immersed in the workpiece.
U Bolts

U bolt specifications and maintenance items

M18 U bolts are nuts with M18.Most U-bolts are made of round steel with a diameter of 16.M20 U bolt is a nut with M20, mainly with 18 round steel processing;And M22 U bolts are made of M22 nuts and 20 round rods.These specifications are commonly used, the dimensions are generally: 600mm high, 200mm internal space, total length: 1400mm;The height is 400mm, the interior space is 200mm, and the total length is 1000mm.Of course, the size of U bolt can be processed according to customer requirements, customized processing.
self-tapping screw

Self-tapping screw surface treatment

Surface treatment will not only increase the size (such as hole reduction, etc.), but also different surface treatment will affect the relationship between torque, tightening degree and strength. Therefore, different rules should be followed for zinc plating, cadmium plating or phosphate treatment when conducting the penetration experiment.When testing the suitable tapping hole diameter, the screws used must be of the same appearance. The second is