socket head cap screw

Socket cap screw removal and anti-corrosion method

Socket cap screws are required on many machines and equipment, and they also play a large role.
Anti-corrosion of hexagon socket is more important, so how to prevent corrosion of socket cap screw? How to remove the worn socket cap screw?
Hex Flange Bolts

Advantages of metric flange bolts

Now that metric flange bolts are listed on the fastener market, they are very popular with consumers.
So what are the advantages of metric flange bolts over other bolts? Let's take a look at the advantages of metric flange bolts together.
self tapping metal screws

Self tapping screw thread type

The head of the self-tapping screw is pointed and can be used normally without drilling.
Widely used in doors and windows and iron sheet. So do you know what are the forms of self-tapping screws? Let's take a look at the thread types of self-tapping screws together.

Control principle and role of anchor bolts

How to control the accuracy of anchor bolts? What does the anchor bolt do? Let ’s take a look at the control principle and role of anchor bolts together.
An anchor bolt is characterized in that an adjusting sleeve is provided between a portion of the anchor bolt higher than the foundation and the bottom hole of the equipment.
Socket Head Cap Screw

The difference between high tensile bolts and ordinary bolts

High tensile bolts can withstand larger loads than ordinary bolts of the same specification.