How to maintain the screw

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How to maintain the screw

Screws used widely in machinery and equipment, for the performance of the mechanical equipment use also have close relations, suddenly get damaged in use process, if the screw and can cause severe damage to the equipment, lead to can’t normal operation, so we in the process of using screw, best for both maintenance and maintenance, so as to the use of more secure.

The following six problems need to be paid attention to when screws are used and maintained:

1, the screw rinsing process is very important, need to be very careful, there will be residues on the surface of the screw in the process.Rinse this step is to be after the silicate cleaner cleaning.

2. The screws should be stacked in the tempering heating process, otherwise it will lead to slight oxidation in the quenching oil.

3, to the surface of the high strength screw will appear phosphide white residue, indicating that (1) the operation is not carefully checked.

4. There will be blackening phenomenon on the surface of parts and chemical reverse use, which indicates that the work of heat treatment is not done thoroughly, and the alkaline residues on the surface are not completely removed.

5. Standard parts of parts will rust in rinsing, and the water used for rinsing should also be replaced frequently.

6. Excessive corrosion phenomenon indicates that the quenching oil has been used for too long, and new oil or replacement is needed.