Stainless steel screw

Quality inspection equipment for bolts

After the production of bolts, there should be a testing procedure. In the early stage, it is all sampling testing, and this important work is completed completely by manual work.
After the development of technology, related enterprises have introduced an advanced optical screening equipment to carry out the full automatic detection and selection of bolts.

What is the use of bolts

In standard hardware parts, some fasteners are called bolts, some fasteners are called screws, some fasteners are called studs.
Hexagon head bolt - Hexagon head bolt is the outer hexagon bolt that we often say, it can be said that every enterprise will use it in the production, the standard is GB/T5782 or GB/T5783, 5782 standard is half tooth, 5783 standard is the whole tooth.

Introduction to the blackening process of hexagon bolts

Our common to hex bolt fastener products, such as many when purchasing the surface is bright white, it is late in the bolt surface with a layer of zinc plating or other electrical plating, one is for the sake of aesthetics, the second is to anti-corrosion, 3 it is to match the use environment is tonal, basically all is processed according to the user's requirements.

Environmental protection status of bolt industry

Bolt: Machine part, cylindrical threaded fastener with nut. A type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw (cylindrical body with external thread) to be fitted with a nut for fastening two parts with through holes.

Test method for hardness of bolts

First of all, stainless steel bolts do not need to play hardness, because we in the production of stainless steel bolts, just changed the appearance of the material, and for its performance parameters did not make any change, a stainless steel bolt finished product.