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Introduction of stainless steel fasteners

Stainless steel standard fasteners usually include the following 12 types of parts:
1. Bolt: A type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw (a cylinder with external threads), which need to cooperate with a nut to fasten two parts with through holes. This type of connection is called a bolted connection.

Stainless steel fasteners are stainless steel standard parts locked

Stainless steel fasteners The problem we often encounter is the locking of stainless steel standard parts. So why do stainless steel fasteners always lock up?
This may be seen from the two materials of stainless steel and iron. Stainless steel standard parts are relatively soft and have good ductility.
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Inconel alloys introduction of fastener product materials

Inconel alloys are generally known for their resistance to oxidation and their ability to maintain their structural integrity in high temperature atmospheres.
There are several Inconel alloys that are used in applications that require a material that does not easily succumb to caustic corrosion, corrosion caused by high purity water, and stress-corrosion cracking.
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Introduction of Monel to fastener production materials

Monel, also known as copper-nickel alloy, is a kind of nickel, copper, iron, manganese, etc.
Alloys made of other elements. Monel alloy has good corrosion resistance and is silver-white, suitable for edge wire materials.
The main products are: MONEL® alloy 400; MONEL® alloy 401; MONEL® alloy 404; MONEL® alloy R-405; MONEL® alloy K-500;
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Materials for fastener production: differences between 304, 304L, 316 and 316L

Stainless steel: resistant […]