Stainless steel screws,

Stainless steel screw material problem

The quality of the raw materials used in stainless steel screws is problematic.
The quality of the stainless steel screw wire is not good. There are many impurities and impurity, which causes the hardness of the stainless steel screw to be insufficient.
The customer uses too much force when using the stainless steel screw.
stainless steel screws

Is the passivation of stainless steel screws important?

In fact, although stainless steel screws have super anti-rust properties, they still need some passivation treatment.
We know that the anti-rust of carbon steel screws is electroplating or other treatments on the surface.
Stainless steel screws,

The external reasons for the locking phenomenon of stainless steel screws are as follows?

Stainless steel screws are made of materials containing nickel to eight nickel or more, called SUS304 standard.
At present, the frequency of using stainless steel screws in major industries in China is increasing.
stainless steel screws

Die toughness requirements for stainless steel screws

It is well known that stainless steel screws now require moulds for stainless steel screws during the cold heading molding process.
In the process of producing stainless steel fasteners, the die bears the impact load.
In order to reduce the damage in the form of breaking and cutting edge in the process of use, the die steel is required to have a certain toughness.
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Common problems in use of stainless steel bolts

Many customers in the purchase of inappropriate stainless steel screws or improper use of the case, will produce the phenomenon of screw loosening.
Attach it to the stainless steel screw teeth. Make it with the nut, or material products for mechanical friction. Generate vibration and resistance. Solve screw loose problem.