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Eye Bolt

The eye bolts are forged from warm hardened fire. Surface treatment of the eye bolts: CORRUD-DT, this surface treatment is at least 20 times stronger than ordinary galvanizing. The external thread length H, the bolt is fixed with other parts, the bolt of the same quality grade must be used for replacement.

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DIN 444

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1Can you custom for me?
Yes, OEM custom is our specialty, trial orders can be accepted.
2What about the lead time?
Mass production time needs 7-35 days according to your order quantity;
3If I order big quantity, what's the good price?
Please send the detailed inquiry to us, such as the Dimensions, Quantity, Payment Terms, Transport method, etc. We will make the accurate quotation to you as soon as possible, and try to give you the biggest Discount.
4I have compared the prices offered by several factories, why some prices are high and some very low?
Each factory practices its own processing mode. Although the processing equipment is almost the same, the workmanship and sense of responsibilities vary greatly. Cost performance cannot be simply decided according to prices or scale. Any products without good quality and service are one-off deal and do not last for long. The price offered by NEW STARWDH is not affected by other manufacturers. NEW STARWDH emphasizes high-quality products only, and receives every customer with the fastest speed and the warmest services, in order to make customers become our regulars.